Fast & Affordable Sprinkler Repair in Rockwall

Rockwall sprinkler repair technician adjusts control boxQuick, when's the best time to water your lawn? If you said just before sunrise, you're right. Now, who wants to get up early to go out and water the lawn? That's right, nobody. That's one of the many advantages of having your own working sprinkler system. You get to catch more Zs so you and your lawn look better than the rest of the neighborhood.

We are your Rockwall sprinkler repair specialists. Our staff is fully trained in all aspects of service and repair, and also handles new installations. If you have a simple broken pop-up head or a hard to diagnose “mystery” problem, we can get there and get it fixed, fast.

Our Team Comes Fully Equipped to Handle Your Irrigation Needs

Hunter popup head with toolbox of equipmentJust a few of the sprinkler parts we keep on handOur techs come fully prepared with hundreds of pieces of equipment and thousands of individual replacement parts to handle whatever problem you may have. Most repairs can be handled on-site with the equipment we carry in our vans and be finished in a few hours. We are able to repair broken valves, wiring, pop-up sprinkler heads, rotors, controllers, main and lateral line pipes and rain freeze sensors without needing to return to the shop to pick up parts. This keeps repair time to a minimum and gets your system back up and running sooner. Larger jobs will take longer and can be scheduled around your work day to prevent any loss of business due to construction work.

our clients will tell you

There are plenty of reasons to recommend these guys but what it comes down to is performance. This guys deliver.

~ Marlon J.

The most efficient team I've ever seen. Three contractors showed up and had my system up and running in under an hour. Unbelievable.

~ Terry B.

Don't waste your time with the other repair guys out there. These guys show up with a truck full of supplies. They had more stuff in there than is in my wife's purse, really!

~ Mark L.

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We Are Full Service Irrigation Contractors Serving Rockwall TX

Even though we are great at sprinkler system repairs, that's not all we do. If you need new pump installed we can handle that as well. We also offer backflow testing and hard line rerouting in cases where the entire system needs to be replaced. We have specialty services as well, including full landscaping, hardscaping, masonry work and outdoor lighting installation.

Our highly skilled techs are always up to date with current building codes and are familiar with the latest products on the market. We will answer any questions that you may have about your system, explain the diagnosis and detail everything that needs to be done to fix any existing problems and we'll do it in plain English. We'll also provide an estimate before starting any work so you aren't ambushed by an unreasonable bill. It's just the right thing to do.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

With all of this attention to detail it may seem like we're a mom and pop shop (ok we are), but don't assume that you are too big or too small for us. Our Rockwall sprinkler repair pros handle accounts of all sizes, from light residential to heavy commercial properties. Our jobs range from simply masonry projects to full scale commercial sprinkler system installs.

Get the Most our Of Your Watering

Hunter MP rotator head installed in Rockwall, TexasRockwall's water restrictions have been leaving a lot of lawns looking less than perfect. If you want to keep your yard looking green, or restore it to its former glory, you'll have to start getting more out of your sprinkler system. Our technicians can help correct coverage issues, water pressure issues, runoff waste, and other problems that severely affect your plants' health. We can install high efficiency heads by Rain Bird and Hunter that work well with tougher soil, drip systems that work well with a wider variety of plants, and timers that won't surprise you by watering off schedule. Call our irrigation team today for a water usage audit and reclaim your yard.

To follow water restrictions in Rockwall, we suggest you visit Rockwall's conservation news page.

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